Sensing Movement Everyday

We are proud to offer ZF’s range of precision angle position, linear and speed & directional sensors. These sensors use Hall Effect technology which reduces wear and tear on the sensor giving exceptional life expectancy whilst still offering accurate position detection.

The range of ZF sensors can be specifically calibrated to offer the most precise output possible. This includes variables for measuring range, slope and PWM output. The linear sensors are easy to set up and offer dual independent outputs for redundancy and high reliability, while the angle position sensors are able to monitor rotation up to 360°. Both types can be sealed to IP68, making them ideal for applications such as hydraulic controls, electrical drives, gear selection/shifting position and many more.

The speed & directional sensors have been designed in a modular format allowing for easy pre-selection of criteria including housing length, shaft length, shaft diameter, 2,3 or 4 wire terminations and open-collector, PMW or current signal outputs. These sensors are also available in IP69 for the harshest of environmental conditions and are perfect for electric drives, automation systems and wind turbines.

Find out more about ZF sensors here, or contact us for more information.