The next step in human-machine interface is here….

The Schurter CDS1 represents the most intuitive way to interface with your products. A freely configurable OLED capacitive touch display allows multiple operations by touch. Comprising of four soft keys and one touch button the Schurter CDS1 allows you to view, stroke, swipe, rotate or use long and short soft […]

Schurter backlit legends available

Did you know that we can now supply Schurter ceramic pushbuttons with backlit legends?  We use advanced laser-etching technology to enhance the visual impact of these robust switches. Available in 19 or 22mm versions, with latching or momentary switching function, they can be backlit in one of 6 standard colours.  […]

Ultra Joystick supplier

Live Electronics was asked to quote for a spare Joystick for an F16 fighter. An unusual request but they do happen from time to time. As a supplier of Ultra Miniature Joysticks we are experienced in the supply chain with Ultra; and as with so many high tolerance and precision […]

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