FLOOD30 is an extremely high-brightness, battery powered LED illumination unit, fully rated for outdoor use (IP65) with highly powered neutral white LEDs. At over 7,500 lumens equivalent to 750W tungsten halogen the FLOOD30 is designed for instant illumination anywhere there’s no power and can light as far away as 100metres. The unit can be powered &/or charged from mains, all in a compact 25cm cube rugged case.

The head folds flat with lens protected for neat stowage; it can be removed for mounting on multiple accessories including a 3.5m tripod or 1.2m/2m pole system attached to the base unit (Industrial models). The unit can also have integrated mains-power (no battery) for permanent installations.

The Sports and Equestrian models may come as standard with 3.5metre tripod (taller versions available). This allows 2-4 units to illuminate areas for training of around 40 x 30 metres. The complete systems are assembled and dismantled very simply for fast, portable setup.

*Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK*

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