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Live Electronics are a leading supplier and distributor of electronic components in the UK. We have a comprehensive choice of electronic parts where you are certain to find the exact parts you need by typing the name or part number into our search widget in the upper right of the page.

At Live Electronics you can order as many or as few electronic parts as you need from well-known brands Cherry, Schurter and more. Choose us as your ‘go-to’ electronic component supplier and you are certain to receive only the best quality goods at highly competitive rates.

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We are the trusted electronic component supplier for manufacturers, engineers and specialists across the country. Unlike many other electronic component distribution companies out there, we have exceptional technical capability together with an unmatched level of service. We are readily available if ever you are in need of support, and we can help identify the best parts for your application.

For more information on any of supplied electronic parts, for questions relating to component specifications or for general assistance; please speak to us directly on 01522 244849.