Nihon Ceratec

Established in 1987 in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan as Nihon Ceratec the company rebranded in 2016 to NTK Ceratec. The companies main aim is to develop ceramic based products that benefit from the characteristics of ceramics such as chemical stability, heat tolerance and the inert nature of the substance which gives added benefits for the environment. NTK Ceratec have expanded to now include offices in Silicon Valley, USA, Omuta City, Japan and Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

Known worldwide for their high quality of products and services NTK Ceratec produce an impressive range of vacuum, porous and electrostatic wafer chucks primarily used in the manufacture of semiconductors. The have also created the worlds first phosphor plate for dispersing light emitted from LED diodes that is resistant to UV and laser light at temperatures up to 500°C and are available in most sizes, shapes, thicknesses and colour tones. NTK Ceratec can also offer a full refurbishment service for their wafer chucks allowing for the longest possible life cycles.

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