RFU LED Floodlights

RFU – Portable LED floodlight from


Portable battery-powered floodlights from Core Lighting were recently put through their paces at Chichester University Rugby Club, and they proved to be a great success. Six lights adequately illuminate one third of the pitch, providing a simple and convenient set-up for late night training. (see video below)


Green LED technology – power consumption is up to 90% less than halogen lamps
Reduced carbon footprint (If charged using off-peak electricity tariffs)
Robust, weatherproof housings – can be used in all weather conditions.
Long battery life (Training for multiple squads)
Lightweight  (Easily portable, and no trailing wires to cause a trip hazard)
Versatile (Can be used for fund raising events, etc)
Lithium battery (Low maintenance, no damage if not recharged)

The floodlights are eligible for both Facilities grants and Green Initiative loans from the RFU.

Flood 30 plus 3.5m tripod

List price £1,500.00

RFU price £999.00





Contact: Ian Brown
Tel: 07577 445225
Mail: Ian.brown@liveelectronics.co.uk


For more products in the range: http://www.corelighting.co.uk/